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What To Do About Invites When Delaying Your Wedding

Maybe your reason for postponing your Wedding Date is not because of the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine, but maybe because you received good news - a fantastic job offer you can't turn down or an unexpected pregnancy. Or the opposite - maybe you had a tragic death in the family of a loved one or loss of a job. Whatever the reason, here are some quick tips on the invites! First, if you have already sent out invites, then consider sending an 'e-vite' via email, which can track, who actually opened and read the e-vite, and your RSVP's! Check out Paperless Post and Evite, which are just two options out there for this. This will definitely save you on paying postage again and will be super quick and easy for your guests to respond!

If you've ordered your invites already, consider a custom sticker to place over the date already printed on the invite. This will save you, both time and money, by not completely reordering with the update! (If you are delaying your Wedding Day because of the Covid-19 scare, there are a few sights that offer FREE reprints, if you change your date and your original order is completed by the end of April! Check out ) This way you can order without fear of having to reorder and repay in the case of having to delay your spring or early 2020 summer wedding!

If you have moved your date and are resending the invites (whether via e-vite or snail mail), remember to send them to your entire, original Guest List. The reason for this being, that even if you received 'regrets' from some of your guests before, they may be able to attend the different date you have planned now!

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