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Prepare for your Wedding, Prepare for your Marriage...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Although planning a wedding can be good practice of working as a team, its not the same as a lifetime of marriage! I've helped so many Brides plan for their wedding day. I've helped them manage the Day-of and all the stress and happiness that comes with it. I've helped them take a different path that is more manageable and affordable. I've helped them find a beautiful reality vs. an impossible Pintrest dream. I've helped them manage timelines and deadlines, family and friends. I've even helped them pee when it seemed impossible in their fairytale dress, BUT, more important than all of that, I would like to see them succeed past their Wedding Day. I'd like to see them prepare for, not only their wedding day, but for their Marriage! Don't forget to put more work into your marriage, than you do planning your wedding. Take some time to find a program designed to help your marriage succeed. Maybe some premarital counseling or maybe even another successful married couple that you could meet with from time to time to ask questions, get advice and vent to. Do not choose your own parents for this task! My Uncle, "Man," gave me this advice years ago. He told me, long after you guys make up and work thru the tough times, your parents are still upset or angry toward your spouse about the things you told them. Pick a neutral couple or counselor who can see both sides and is not more emotionally attached to either of you over the other. Seek this help and guidance before you experience tough times! You'll find that it'll help you not only get thru the tough times, but maybe even avoid them altogether. Check out Prepare/Enrich at as one source for both premarital and marital help. My husband, Rob Shaver, facilitates this for couples in the area and finds that it is a huge help! You can email him for help or recommendations on where to find other sources or counselors at

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