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Coping With Stress...While Planning a Wedding...During an Apocalypse

So, maybe we're past the 2020 Covid-19 scare, but you're going thru your own personal "Apocalypse!" Let's talk about coping with stress during this time in your life! Its hard enough dealing with the pressures and stress of planning the Wedding of your dreams, but now, it seems impossible to hold up and move forward under what you're going thru. Maybe you're already mourning the loss of original plans. Here are a few tips moving forward...

First and foremost, DON'T make any major decisions without talking to at least a few other people! Right now you are going thru an emotional time and honestly, you are not able to think clearly and logically. You are probably thinking about making drastic decisions like calling off the Wedding completely or changing everything including the date, who's invited, etc. Before you do that, talk to someone that can think clearly for you. This might be a non-biased person that's not super connected to you and your family like a wedding planner or maybe a co-worker, counselor or just another adult you look up to. Find a couple of people that will help you navigate decisions thru the fog in your brain!

Secondly, find some stress-relief for yourself. Maybe its in the form of meditation or prayer or a good book! Maybe its climbing a mountain or hitting up the gym! When I was in quarantine due to the "super-virus," it was a Zoom game night with my brother and sister in law in Kansas City! We played a couple of games via video chat and laughed about potty training and our stubborn, crazy kids. Phew! how I needed that! Find something for you that relieves stress and purposefully put it on the calendar and make it happen!

Lastly, and most importantly, re-frame your thinking and remind yourself and those closest to you of the whole reason you are planning a Wedding in the first place! It's about a celebration of LOVE between you and your fiance! Its about witnessing your love and commitment to and for each other. No matter what choices you make, they will never please everyone. If they don't like your decisions, too bad! If its sticking with a date during the 2020 Covid-19 craziness and making people around you upset because we're in the midst of an epidemic or even changing a date, but compromising on a middle-of-the-week day and they aren't happy because its during a work week for them, you will never please them all, so don't try! Just kindly remind them of stresses and compromises you are already making and offer them a reminder of what's really important - a celebration of LOVE.

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