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Brides Supporting Small Businesses

For many of you, the past few weeks have consisted of a lot of communication back and forth with your Venue and different Vendors about delaying your Wedding Day. Its been a headache to find a new date that works for all involved! Wherever you are now in that process, I've got a couple of tips for moving forward that can be a small way to give back to the community around you by helping those small-business vendors you may have hired.

1) Consider making a payment now to your different vendors - photographer, videographer, caterer, decorator, florist, etc. Maybe the delay in Wedding date has also delayed your payment schedule, but I'd like to encourage you to go ahead and pay your different vendors a chunk of what you owe them, now. Many of them are delaying most, or all, of their business and will not be paid for quite some time, so this will help them get thru this "famine." (Do it especially for the ones that have been extra accommodating!)

2) Remember to be patient! There is already a time after your wedding, in which you have to wait to get photos back or your wedding video due to some editing, etc. Keep in mind that these vendors may have also delayed and squeezed in more weddings than usual to their late, wedding season due to the same reason you delayed yours. So, give them a little extra time to work on your photos and videos after your wedding and be patient as you're waiting for the finished products!

As always, look for the silver lining in all of this! Enjoy the extra time you now have to plan all those little details you dreamed about but put on the back burner. Also, think about the extra time you have to save and pay toward your balances!

We're in this together! Don't think "I," think "Us."

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