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"Making Time For Your Own Wedding"

So, you've planned your entire wedding yourself...or are about to and start to panic about the Wedding Day. If you've ever planned a backyard BBQ or even just a dinner party, one thing you know is that the Day-of is crazy! No matter how much planning goes into it ahead of time, there's always some last minute things you have to do. You're always on your feet the entire day making sure everything goes according to plan - you're cleaning up a mess, grabbing extra plates inside, people are texting they're running late, or even asking you to fetch them something that isn't one of the 100 choices you already have out and available to them, etc, etc and the list goes on. BUT you're ok with this because you are the 'Host' and that is what you expect. This is not something you want to do on your own Wedding Day!!!

First and foremost, hire a Day-of Coordinator (like me) to handle all of your day-of awesomeness. If they're good, they will work with you along the way - guiding, giving you expertise and just allowing you to bounce ideas off of them. Then, when it comes to the weekend of, you can sit back and let them handle all of the details so you can enjoy all the planning and time you put into this thing. Secondly, work together with your planner or other vendors, etc. on a good Day-of Timeline. I love doing this with Brides and even offer to help make a 'week-of' timeline, so they know what to expect and can easily manage those "last minute" things that come up. Thirdly, delegate AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! I am always asking Brides who they know and who they're connected with that could help. You have a certain look you like for the reception venue? Break it down into parts and divide it to others. For example, if you're collecting antique mis-matched plates - start a text between yourself and your mom, aunts and grandma where they can text you pics from the Thrift stores and pick up plates for you. If you have a picture of a dessert table you love, find a creative friend and show them the picture...ask her if she would do it for you. See, its not a burden to them, its a huge honor! (Another blog on this coming soon.) Lastly, make a photo list and schedule for your photographer! If they don't provide a detailed form, make one yourself. Include all the names of family that you want included in official pictures. If doing a 'First Look,' then you can get a lot of your close family and bridal party pictures out of the way (see my blog, "What's in a First Look Anyway.") If not, then most likely, you will take the majority of your pictures just after ceremony. Most photographers (and I don't know why) will start with the Bride and Groom and insert parents, etc and work their way up to the "big" crowd. (Not the most efficient or best way, in my opinion). Make a list, starting with the biggest group that you want, then subtract people out of it until you get down to the smaller, more personal pictures. If you want even more specific ideas for pics just message me on Facebook! This speeds things up so much!!! So, start with your biggest group, then let as many go to cocktail hour as possible. Then, take your pictures with just parents, bridal party, close family, etc. after that.

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